Tree Removal

Unfortunately, tree removal is an inevitable part of a tree’s life cycle… our professionals take pride in assisting when your tree needs to be safely removed from your property.  Every home and commercial property present challenging and difficult situations which require specialized equipment and most importantly deductive methods by experienced and trained arborists to avoid overall risk and damage.  Our fleet of bucket trucks, cranes, narrow-entry lifts and nimble climbing arborists provide a solution for most all seemingly impossible tree scenarios.  We offer 24 hour emergency same day tree removal.

Check our photo and video gallery for a few of our recent jobs.

Tree Pruning

The importance of proper pruning of a newly planted or adolescent tree cannot be ignored.  Young trees grow and form bad structure quicker than most homeowners realize because most “tree parents” are overjoyed with their tree’s vigor.  Professional pruning every few years during the formative years of younger trees establish safe and proper growth habits which is proven to reduce limb failure, wood rot and premature removal. 

Stump Grinding

Quick restoration and cleanup after tree removal usually necessitates having the remaining stump ground away.   Along with a quick improvement to aesthetics, stump grinding also eliminates future stump sprouting, any remaining possibility of disease in rotting wood and the inconvenience of mowing around a stump.  We will completely remove the stump with a minimally invasive stump grinding machine and will offer the option to haul away the grindings if you wish.

Landscape Design

Are you tired of the same “cookie-cutter” landscaping?  Our designs guarantee that your house will impress the neighborhood while reducing your annual maintenance and costs.  Every color, texture, detail will be discussed as we work with you to construct a perfect plan.  Also, we will share our knowledge and belief that landscaping can attract and support threatened pollinators with native plants and shrubs.  On the other hand, are deer destroying your plantings?  A deer resistant landscape is a possibility too! 

Tree Health Assesments

Worried about your trees’ current condition?  We can discuss tree problems, diseases and risk of both your or your neighbor’s tree that may be leaning in your direction! 

Certified Arborists are trained to recognize the economic, environmental, and societal benefits and values of trees.  Working with homeowners and property owners allow our arborist to share knowledge and evaluate the need for prescribed care at a cost that demonstrates the wise stewardship of resources. 

Tree Treatments

Ash tree treatments and fertilizers for trees.

Land Clearing

Tree Planting

Lets Talk About Our Mulch

We have hand made, well aged, custom blend mulch unlike anything available at any box stores. We use fully organic materials that is diligently separated for optimal longevity of mulch.

Now lets talk about our Equipment

We have strive to purchase and implement top notch equipment that allows us to preform better work at higher speeds safely. Thick grass large trees, walls and patios don’t stand a chance!

Our Facilities

In an effort to stream line our practice we have invested heavily in a facility to accommodate our equipment and ever growing needs. We have over 2,300 sqft of indoor storage and an additional 1,500 sqft of shelf storage to keep more in-stock items than ever before!