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Kentucky Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Our expertise and unique equipment allows us to remove trees safely in a wide variety of situations.  Our staff is highly trained, holding multiple credentials and certifications, to perform intricate rigging techniques for difficult and hazardous trees.

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tree pruning

Tree Pruning

The methods for pruning vary depending on the species of tree and its location.  Our arborists will discuss your needs and goals to propose a maintenance pruning that optimizes tree health and longevity.  We follow international ANSI standards…

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NKY Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stumps take years to decay naturally.  We offer stump grinding which enables quick turf restoration.  In some cases, many surface roots that interfere with mowing can also be ground into a manageable mound of chips and dirt.  Cleanup is available for a separate charge. 

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NKY Stump Grinding

Tree Care & Maintenance

We know trees from top to below the soil line!  If you have a tree that is declining, we can offer advice and treatments to combat disease, insect or cultural problems.  In some cases, trees need supplemental nutrients delivered…

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At Gerrein Green, we take pride in our professional and highly trained staff. We evaluate every job in a systematic manner and are grateful for the opportunity to assist homeowners. We provide honest pricing and safe methods based on our expertise. Customer satisfaction is our motivation!

Tree Specialist high in a tree
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Tree Specialist
Tree Specialist - safety is critical