Did you know that when it rains, your tree roots are working hard to soak up all that moisture? In fact, they can drink up to twice their weight in water! It is so important to make sure your trees have plenty of water during the rainy season. Not sure how to do that, or if you’re worried about the effects of all that rain on your tree roots, read on! We’ll tell you everything you need to know.


So, what happens to your tree roots when it rains? First of all, they absorb a lot of water. This helps them stay healthy and strong, and it also helps them keep your tree from falling over in the wind. However, too much water can be a bad thing. If the tree roots are waterlogged, they can’t breathe properly.  The waterlogging can lead to problems like root rot.


It is important to make sure your trees have plenty of drainage. If you live in an area with heavy clay soils, you may need to amend your soil.  Use sand or organic matter to improve drainage. Make sure that there is no standing water around your trees after a rainstorm. If there are puddles of water, dig a trench to drain them away, or simply wait for the water to evaporate.


Make sure they have plenty of drainage, and they’ll be just fine.


Contact Gerrin Green:  We have Certified Arborists that are trained to recognize the economic, environmental, and societal benefits and values of trees.  Working with homeowners and property owners allow our arborist to share knowledge and evaluate.  The Arborist will adivse the prescribed care at a cost that demonstrates the wise stewardship of resources.

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