November – Now is the time to grind stumps! 

Late fall and early winter is the best time to eliminate stumps and begin restoring your lawn area.  Winter is a great time to do restoration because freezing temperatures cause the new soil to settle nicely making it ready for spring grass seed. Do not plant a tree in the same area where the freshly ground stump was. The former tree’s extensive root system will inhibit the expansion of the new tree’s roots and sometimes disease organisms can live under the surface in the old tree roots for several years.  The grindings which consist of fine wood shavings and dirt may not benefit a new tree.  You should add high quality top soil instead of using the grinding mix for any new plantings.  

There are other ways of dealing with an old stump that may be detrimental to the surrounding soil and environment such as commercial (chemical) stump killers.  Use caution with any toxic substances since they may leach into other plants or nearby water sources.  Stumps are very, very slow to decay naturally and may harbor decay organisms that spread to other trees.  Stump grinding is an affordable option which allows quick restoration of your beautiful lawn!  

Benefits of Stump Grinding 

  • Quick and easy way to get rid of a tree stump. 
  • Grinds the stump down below ground level so it’s not as noticeable. 
  • Fill the fresh holes with topsoil and reseeded.   
  • Easy cleanup with the leftover grindings

Contact Gerrein Green:  Quick restoration and cleanup after tree removal usually necessitates having the remaining stump ground away.   Along with a quick improvement to aesthetics, stump grinding also eliminates future stump sprouting, any remaining possibility of disease in rotting wood and the inconvenience of mowing around a stump.  We have a stump grinding machine with turf protecting tracks that efficiently grinds out stumps of all sizes and will offer the option to haul away the grindings if you wish.  

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