Certified Tree care Safety Professional

February Tree Newsletter

Congratulations to our newest CTSP graduates!  Jake & Tony completed their training and successfully passed the exam just a few days ago!  Now, along with Austin & Julie, who were certified in November, we have 4 Certified Treecare Safety Professionals!

Arborist safety and the importance of communication

Although it may be obvious that all Gerrein Green arborists wear safety helmets to prevent head injuries…you may not realize that each helmet also is a noise-reducing communication headset.  Most of the time, customers are unaware that the arborists are using microphones to speak to their teammates.  On some jobsites, the customers are amazed how the team works as a synchronized group almost predicting the next move of another until we tell them the secret –  the continuous connectivity provided through the Bluetooth headsets.  Yes, the productivity and efficiency of our team is impressive but a communication protocol is required by our industry safety standards, the ANSI Z133 standards. 

The ANSI Z133 safety standards is an internationally accepted guide that sets forth clearly defined methods and strategies that should be followed to eliminate and reduce risk to workers in the tree care industry.  All segments of tree care and removal work are addressed in the series of continually reviewed and revised publications, including traffic control, personal protection equipment, tree cutting techniques, aerial rescue trainings, electrical hazard identification and poisonous plant management. 

The most vital advantage of the Bluetooth headsets is the arborist’s ability, when climbing a tree, to have clear communication and response from his ground team as they move clear of the landing area (drop zone) prior to a limb being fell.  The ANSI Z133 Section 3 standard states that “verbal communication by voice or radio shall employee a command-and-response protocol.”  For example, the arborist aloft should initiate the clearing of the drop zone through use of a command like ‘stand clear’ and the team on the ground should confirm their safe location by responding with ‘clear.’ 

On any Gerrein Green jobsite, whether it is a simple pruning or a highly technical removal, team safety is top priority.  Professional arborists become a very cohesive team.  While in most other professions, co-workers often only perform team building exercises during special seminars, arborists are developing relationships that ensure safety everyday.