Do you need more tree clearance?

Are you worrying about trees posing risk over your utility lines, vehicles or home?  Do you own commercial property with trees that are blocking visibility and causing safety issues?  Are overgrown shrubs reducing the value or curb appeal of your home or business?

Trees growing near structures cause many troublesome issues:

  • Overgrown trees decrease air movement which promotes mildew and mold growth.
  • Large trees reduce sunlight penetration and block streetlights.
  • Unwanted pests hide in dense cover.
  • Disproportionate sized landscape plantings reduce resale value and curb appeal.
  • Branches will damage exterior finishes like aluminum siding and stucco.
  • Leaf litter blocks gutters and downspouts causing rain accumulation near foundation walls. 

Utility lines require clearance:

  • Homeowners are responsible for clearance of lines between street pole and home.
  • Ice storms bend branches several feet and often cause breakage onto power lines.
  • Homeowners should never attempt to cut limbs near energized wires.
  • Pruning trees near utility and IT (cable/internet/phone) lines requires proper equipment and experience.

Three Reason Homeowners Should Leave Tree Work to the Professionals


Business owners and property managers need routine tree pruning for optimal clearance:

  • Signage must be visible.
  • Lighting needs to be effective, clear of trees, for customer and employee safety.
  • Limbs should not hinder parking lot traffic, 13’ of clearance is recommended.

Gerrein Green offers affordable solutions for commercial property maintenance:

  • Specialized training and methods for working near structures, utility lines and parking lots to efficiently and safely prune or remove problematic trees.
  • Directional pruning techniques to improve clearance and extend tree life.
  • Large equipment to lift trees out of tight spaces without damage to adjacent trees or buildings.
  • We will work evenings and weekends to reduce disruption to normal business operations.

Three Reasons Property Managers Should Have Their Trees Pruned


Winter months are ideal times to assess your property for any tree removal or major tree pruning to increase clearance.  Utility lines are more visible and easier to work around when the deciduous trees are bare.  Winter also provides an ideal time for inspecting trees for defects or damage left by summer storms.

Contact Gerrein Green:  Properly pruning trees does involve specific tools, techniques and knowledge. While most homeowners find caring for their trees very rewarding, some situations call for professional advice and certified arborists are always willing to share their talents and educate other tree stewards, so do not hesitate to call when you need a hand.

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