April Canopy News….
Yes, the Cicadas are coming! And according to the University of Kentucky’s Extension Specialists, the northern Kentucky counties located along the Ohio River west of Cincinnati have the potential for a large amount of cicadas emerging in late April & early May, as soil temperatures reach 64 degrees.

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Billions of cicadas will return to Kentucky in late spring | News (uky.edu)

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April is also a perfect time to observe your trees….watch how well they bloom and if the leaves of the canopy emerge evenly throughout or if some branches are slower or possibly are bare.  Often, trees will look great as they bloom, producing abundant seeds, like the maples, and then suddenly change, with leaves looking wilted, shriveled or disfigured. These are definite indicators of stress and possibly disease. More importantly, it is very essential to contact a knowledgeable arborist as soon as you notice these issues so that your tree has a better chance at responding to available treatments, if a diagnosis can be determined quickly.

Insect and pathogens flourish during the warming days of April, trees grow quickly and provide inviting tender shoots for hungry newly hatched bugs…trees can be defoliated in a matter of days if insects are left uncontrolled. Many diseases spread even faster with the spring winds and rains especially in the case of Blue Spruce trees, the disease commonly called needlecast infects the newest needles and causes these needles to slowly wither away leading to severe decline. It is vital that this disease be treated through preventative fungicide applications during the early Spring. Please contact us for further information.

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