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Our Approach

We are doing more than just landscaping

We have taken it upon our selves to do more than just mow grass, landscape an produce beautiful yards. We also raise and shape young men into the best that they can be. We hand select a group of gentlemen that are a cut above the rest. We require all employees to be full time students at a college level or vocational school of their choosing. Everyone must maintain a good GPA as it is part of our qualifications.

Our Story

Our Story

Nearly 12 years ago we started with just one mower and a 20 year old truck. Over the course of time we have built up to only service top notch clientele in the most elite neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky.

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Tony Gerrein


NKU Grad of Construction Management

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Jake Gerrein

Lead Foremen 

Current Student at EKU for Construction Management

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Mike Gerrein

Director of Recruiting

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