Tree Removal

Our primary line of business is providing top notch specialized tree removal. Our goal is to provide this service in the safest most effective manner possible.

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Tree Pruning

Pruning trees correctly is an art form, a craft that is learned over time which takes years of education and practice to prefect. Not just anyone can preform this task. Leave the hard work to our expert Arborist!

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Stump Grinding

Lets face it stumps are ugly and permanent. Removal of stumps isn't as easy task, it requires very large and expensive equipment. We have one of the largest stump grinders in the area. Sit back and watch as our monster machine eats stumps like cake.

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Our Statement

Gerrein Green is a NKY Tree Care company founded by Tony Gerrein.  The company specializes in Tree Removal, Pruning and Stump Grinding.  Dependability, extreme attention to detail are cornerstones of Tony’s Gerrein Green.  Want time to do the things that matter to you?  Call Tony at 859-250-7475.


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